Play Snazz Ball

What is Snazzball?

Remove the middle tie on the top edge of your poster and you'll find out.

It turns your poster into a big pocket. A Poster Pocket!

Snazzball is the name given to any game you can think of where you throw something into one of our Poster Pockets to score a point.

The following games are just made up ideas and not instructions of any kind.

Players are wholly responsible for whatever they decide to play and how they play it.

Snazzball Forever!

Play Multi Snazz ball! – game ideas for more than 1 player

Game Idea One – Fill your pockets!

  • Divide the balls and pockets up equally between players. Think of a crazy shout out each.
  • The game begins. Each player must try to throw their ball into their own pocket at the same time as putting off the other players throwing at theirs.
  • A point is only scored if the ball falls into the correct pocket and at the same time the thrower yells their ‘shout-out’ to celebrate scoring. No loud shouting, no point!
  • If you throw your ball accidently into someone else’s pocket you lose a point.
  •  First player to 5 points wins.



Game Idea Two – Defend your pockets!

  • Everyone grabs a ball, chooses a Poster Pocket and stands with their backs to their pocket.
  • Each player loudly shouts out their shout out so everyone else knows what it is.
  • The game begins. It’s a simple knock out tournament. To eliminate an opponent, you must get your ball into their pocket and shout out their catch-phrase. If you do this, they are out.
  • Scoring while your opponent is retrieving their ball is allowed. Choose carefully when to throw!
  • Last kid standing wins!

Extension Challenges – things got too easy?

  • Whoever wins can now only throw with their weaker hand.
  • Everyone can only throw with their weaker hands!
  • Play 2 Vs 1 with the previous winner being the 1.

Solo Snazz Ball – a game idea for 1 player

  • Think of a crazy shout out. It can be any phrase or word. Make it up!
  • Find as many small balls or beanbags as you can and stand in the centre of the trampoline.
  • Throw a ball at a Poster Pocket.
  • If you are successful and it goes into the pocket, you must yell your ‘shout-out’ at the top of your voice. Take 5 steps back and repeat. How far back can you get?
  • If you are unsuccessful, try again!
  • Can you score 3 balls into the pocket in 3 throws and score 3 points? What about 5?!
  • If you can, try playing again but this time throwing with your weaker arm.

Make up new games or change old ones - there are no fixed rules to playing Snazzball - you can do whatever you want - that's why it's so great!