Safety & Maintenance

We think that outdoor adventure play is really important as children grow up in an increasingly screen based world. We think more should be encouraged.

Everything about our posters are designed to be as safe as possible - from the kid friendly inks to the lack of spiky bits anywhere.

Please do note though, that our posters aren't designed to be pulled down on or used to get up off the floor or grabbed during bouncing or play. We only recommend hanging up our posters once children understand this

Yes, you can iron your poster - it might need it after being folded in the post - but do it image face down to the ironing board.

We recommend moving the posters, even by just a centimetre or so, every now and then to keep your trampoline nets fresh. Wet weather and gravity mean it’s best to move the posters to a new area of net now and again to avoid mesh holes potentially widening.

Also, the strings are 1.8mm wide, but sometimes when they are removed they may leave slightly bigger round holes behind. All you need to do is scratch the holes sideways and up and down with your fingernail and these holes should close up.

General Information

They're 64cm x 64cm square and made of 100% ethically sourced cotton and 100% child and planet friendly ink and they're perfectly suited to be left out in all weather from heavy rain to strong sunshine.

Yes, just put them in the washing machine but keep to a low temperature 30 degree wash. You can even iron them image face down afterwards.


Of course you can! Our posters look great anywhere. Hang our targets from trees or fences for nerf gun practice or our pirate flag atop a den you've built. They look great on bedroom walls and doors too. You can put our posters anywhere you want.

Because they don't fit through your letterbox! Also this way you can choose what sort of art products you really want to get and we reckon too that if you look about enough in gardens, back yards and local shops, there are plenty of balls to choose from there, without us making the pile any bigger.

That's Yoo and Pea!

Can you tell which is which?

If you knocked on the front door here at Snazz Towers, these two would open the door to greet you. They're total Snazzers.

When they get together they always give out a positive message - can you see what it is?

Quality & Sustainability

All posters sold on our site are UK designed. Our print suppliers do vary but we make sure they are always ethically sourced OEKO TEX suppliers or we are using 100% recycled cotton. Simple.

Our posters and strings are made of 100% recyclable cotton. Recycle them as you would with regular textiles.

All inks used are environmentally friendly and child safe.

Any metal is made of recyclable aluminium or carbon steel.

All stickers, cardboard and paper packaging are recyclable.

All plastic bag packaging is necessary for water damage prevention purposes but is #4 LDPE plastic which recycles with carrier bags at your local supermarket.


Yes! We shout it out proudly that all our images, designs and taglines are 100% originals. In fact it's fair to say that anything at all you can find anywhere that is trampoline net poster related was first created and born here at SnazzdUP, so rest assured all our stuff is copywritten so it can't be found anywhere else in the solar system.
We've worked hard to try to create something new that offers originality, value and quality. Thats why only with SnazzdUP do you get the black edge quality pledge!

Only our SnazzdUP trampoline posters give you an edge - literally - we mean that black edge that surrounds all our posters!
Only seeing our black edge guarantees you a safe, quality product sustainably sourced. Only our black edge guarantees it's an original design SnazzdUP poster.

Shipping & Returns

Buy up to three posters in an order and our poster box will fit through your letterbox, so we simply post them to you and they arrive with your regular post. In the UK, this is via Royal Mail Tracked 48 and costs only £2.70 to send 1, 2,or 3 posters.

If you live outside the UK, postal costs vary according to your choice of size, speed and location so get in touch with us on hello@snazzdup.com

See our 'Prices & Shipping' section at the top of the main homepage for more details.

Our system is setup so that you should receive an email confirmation as soon as we have received your order. Sometimes this email may end up in your junk folder due to different email providers. Please check your junk or spam folder. If you have still not received an e-mail then drop us an e-mail to myorder@snazzdup.com and let us know and we can confirm things.

No quibble returns! Here at SnazzdUP we offer a 14 day return policy. We will give you a full refund with no questions asked provided we receive a return request email containing full details of your original order within 14 days of purchase. All returned posters need to be in a fully resaleable condition.  Whether a poster is resaleable or not is the sole decision of SnazzdUP.

Please do read our full refund/returns policy at the bottom of this website for more details.

Firstly, we are very sorry you have received the wrong item. The quickest way to resolve this would be to email myorder@snazzdup.com and explain what’s happened. Please include your order number and a photo or description of what you’ve received so we can quickly understand the problem and get it sorted out as soon as possible for you.