SnazzdUP - The Origin Story

During lockdown, a boy called Will got into a trampoline with balls of all sizes. Bouncing with them, he celebrated wildly as he scored amazing imaginary goals.

His Dad saw him and thought he needed something to aim at. So he cut up an old sheet, drew on some targets and hung them up on the net with shoelaces. The boy loved it.

Then his sister Lucy came out to see what was going on. They drew more posters and made up games and played for hours until it started getting dark.

Then they all went in for a biscuit and everyone realised how bare and dull the walls of trampoline nets had been all this time.

And that was when SnazzdUP was born.

The kids wanted them 100% no landfill recyclable. We made them all weather & machine washable too for long life use. We hope you enjoy our posters as much as we enjoyed making them!

SnazzdUP - Bounce High, Live Free!