Hanging Instructions, Safety & Maintenance

How to tie your posters to the net!




Then tie the string up tight however you choose - in knots or maybe bows or double bows!


      Safety & Maintenance - things you need to know!

      Our posters might need an iron when unwrapped. It's best to do this image side down.

      Our posters aren't designed to be pulled down on or used to get up off the floor or grabbed during bouncing or play. We only recommend hanging up our posters once children are old enough to understand this.

      We wouldn't recommend our SnazzdUP posters for children under 3 years old.

      We recommend moving the posters every now and then to keep your trampoline nets fresh.

      Sometimes when the strings are removed they can leave slightly bigger round holes behind. Just scratch these holes sideways and up and down with your fingernail and they should close up back to normal.