Welcome to the SNAZZ SQUAD Secret Hideout!

You found the SNAZZ SQUAD! But who are they and why are they here?

Earth's gravity is the best for bouncing!

Crazy creatures from all over the galaxies enjoy your trampolines when you're at school. Eat cabbage every day and you can see them. That's why no Earth kids ever has.

This is the only place in the Multiverse they hang out - that's why it's secret.

Why don't you meet them...which one is most like you?

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The member of the group the others look up to. Loves spinning as well as bouncing, so is a breakdance and basketball fanatic.

Loves : Mint choc chip ice cream and weird hats.

Dislikes : Being told what to do.

Favourite Snazzball shout out: “Woah there Nelly!”

When else you can say this phrase:  

When you’ve done something so good and so far ahead of everyone else that you have to slow your horse down to let the world catch up with you.

Why you are on a horse and why it is called Nelly no-one knows.


Strongest and hairiest of the team. Biggest hugger. Got the craziest laugh. Always near to music of some kind.

Loves : Every rhythm and tune that’s ever been discovered. Cake. Any cake.

Dislikes : Shoes and socks – has no need for them.

Favourite Snazzball shout out: “Get Nunked!”

When else you can say this phrase:

When you realise you can do something you really didn’t think you would ever be able to do.

Also shouted when giving someone the biggest surprise hug of their life.


Cheekiest and funniest of the squad. Never seems to sleep. Never seems to listen to anything ever said by anyone else. Fastest talker and loudest singer.

Loves : Joking about and eating all varieties of cheese.

Dislikes : Silence.

Favourite Snazzball shout out: “Easypeasycheezysneezy”

When else you can say this phrase:

Ever laughed so hard when eating cheese that a bit shoots up and gets stuck behind your brain, tickling away?

This is what you shout as you sneeze it out.

Can also be said in total happiness when you realise you can now easily do something you used to find really hard to do.

Zico & Zeebs

Twins. Rivals. Skaterz. Always trying new things, always trying their best. Never worried about what anyone else thinks. Awesome acrobats.

Love : Moving fast and grabbing air.

Dislike : Standing still.

Favourite Snazzball phrase: “Wowzer McTrouser!”

When else you can say this phrase:

Imagine you are a bug who has been living happily under a small bucket your whole life. Then imagine if the bucket was removed and suddenly for the first time you saw the size of the entire garden. These are the words you would say.

It's an expression of amazement at something incredible.



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